If you’re one of them with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knees, here’s some good news to battle your inflammation and pain in your joints by following a diet rich in fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants to negate the inflammation consequences that usually makes you feel appalling and restricts your daily activities.

The accompanying vitamins in the common dietary nutrients have been examined for their relationship to osteoarthritis of the knee, and the outcomes show that these anti oxidant rich foods in your daily food regime can make significant changes in both your knees and your body.



As we know that Almonds are rich in vitamin E, The study published in International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases, 2009 compared the knees of 42 people undergoing knee surgery with 32 being severely affected with OA and 10 patients with non –arthritis injuries. The results showed that the OA patient’s knee examination revealed very less Vitamin E and they were getting no benefits from Vitamin E’s protective benefits. It is revealed that Vitamin E rich Supplements especially Intake of Almonds can ameliorate the OA knees through regulation of free radical production and consumption of antioxidant reserve.


Oranges is the rich source of Vitamin C which is an essential nutrient required by the body daily. The Research study published in Arthritis Research and Therapy 2007 reveals that Knee MRIs performed 10 years apart in 293 healthy middle aged adults showed people with less intake of Vitamin C had more changes in their leg bones compared to ones who were consuming Vitamin C rich foods. This change in the leg bone due to Vitamin C is considered as the precursor to the cartilage loss that marks OA of the knees.

Salmon / Break Fast Cereal :

Vitamin D is crucial for a healthy well being. Among other jobs in the body, Vitamin D helps in maintaining strong bones, regulate immune activity and reduce inflammation in the knees. A research study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism, 2009 reveals that higher Vitamin D levels may help in less cartilage loss in the knee over a three year period.


Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, Lack of Vitamin K has been reported to contribute to OA of the knees. The Study done in Journal of Orthopedic Science 2009 indicates a low intake of Vitamin K was associated with a greater risk of knee OA.

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