OA being a degenerative disease and with pain making day to day activities more difficult, It is crucial to find a way to cope with the pain and the discomfort. The first and foremost step to the healing process is monitoring your pain and exercising daily. Asking patients with Osteoarthritis with severe pain to exercise may seem paradoxical, lack of exercises will only further intensify the disease. The exercises will help in minimizing the pain and it is vital to keep the body in shape which will in turn take the pressure off the knees. It is proven that the lack of exercises escalates the chances of having cardiac issues in OA patients with limited activity. Here in this blog we will explore the basic exercise regime to do at your home to help you in reducing the pain or managing the pain and to make you feel ease in carrying out your daily errands.

It is a very common notion that exercise can increase the muscle power of an individual, however many people don’t know that it radically perks up other parts of the body especially bones, cartilages and various forms of connective tissues.


The Three common types of exercises such as: Flexibility Exercises, Aerobic Exercises, Strengthening Exercises will help in reducing the pain and improves the ability to move and stretch your knees and hips. Let us analyze each of these exercises and its importance in detail.


  1. Range of Motion Exercises:

The very basic problem of patients with OA is the stiffness and the pain of the joints and difficulty in moving the joints. With range of motion exercise regime, the patients will be asked to gently stretch and involves movements that take joints through their full span.  Gentle Stretching and movements of the joints daily will help in maintaining the joints and also improves the flexibility.  The stretching exercises will expand or preserve the range of motion and elasticity in affected joints by relieving the stiffness that leads to pain.


  1. Aerobic Exercises:

A consistent low impact aerobic exercise regime will aid in controlling weight, which in turn lessens impact and stress on the joints. As we know that patients with overweight generally tend to have weak joints and chances of their condition going bad is more, It is suggested that shedding 15 pounds can cut knee pain in half, which will slow your disease progression. The movements during the aerobic exercises will keep the tissues within the joints flexible, lubricated and replenished with nutrients that help healing. It is believed that endorphins, body’s natural pain relieving hormone released during the aerobic exercises will in turn reduces the pain in OA patients.


  1. Strengthening Exercises:

Walking is considered as a best way to keep your knees healthy and pain free. Strengthening exercises generally helps to maintain the muscle strength and good muscle strength usually acts as a shock absorber around the joints. The patients should generally walk twice the day to help in increasing the muscle strength which is necessary for controlling the impacts to the joints.

With these three basic exercises regime and activities, we at Unistem firmly believe and always recommend you to choose an activity which is very easy, affordable where you don’t have worse pain after 2 hours of completing the exercise regime daily. It is firmly believed that any physical activity or movement is going to be game changer in your process of minimizing the pain and it is better than no activity.

If you want to avoid knee replacement surgery and want to improve your quality of life and get relief from pain, don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment.

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