Since ages it was wisdom that once Optic Nerve is damaged it can never regenerate on its own or by any other treatment, the visual defect which is due to such pathology is permanent and cannot be restored by any means. Its high time that we disclose to the world that this notion is not true anymore, we have discovered this after treating some patients of chronic optic nerve damage who did not have any chances of recovery as per the current norms of modern medicine. Optic nerve damage/disorder (optic nerve atrophy) can happen due to many diseases like drug toxicity, injury, congenital anomalies Devic’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, meningitis, autoimmune diseases , cerebral palsy etc.

Retinal conditions like: Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), RP, diabetic retinopathy, AMD etc

Patients who tried MSCs transplantation showed improvements in vision. Their visual acuity, fundal examination reports confirmed that too.Majority of the treated patients showed measurable response which was significant medically.

It was already known that Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are safe to administer  and now its efficacy in some optic conditions has also been shown in our analysis, although the sample size was small but it provide enough evidence that larger clinical trials will validate the initial findings which we have observed.

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