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When you use Umbilical cord stem cells you do not have to harvest stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow which typically involves general anesthesia and more than 150 ml of Bone marrow, no patient will prefer such procedure when equally safe and efficacious technology is available which does not require invasive procedure. Even peripheral blood stem cell harvesting has its own pitfalls in forms of life threatening complications.

Our belief is that patient should not be subjected to unnecessary risky procedure of stem cell harvesting when the treatment is still experimental in nature as per the ethical guidelines of medical practice.

What kind of patients can try this experimental therapy?

  1. Those who are suitable for islets cell transplant but not consenting to it or islets are not ava...
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Since ages it was wisdom that once Optic Nerve is damaged it can never regenerate on its own or by any other treatment, the visual defect which is due to such pathology is permanent and cannot be restored by any means. Its high time that we disclose to the world that this notion is not true anymore, we have discovered this after treating some patients of chronic optic nerve damage who did not have any chances of recovery as per the current norms of modern medicine. Optic nerve damage/disorder (optic nerve atrophy) can happen due to many diseases like drug toxicity, injury, congenital anomalies Devic’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, meningitis, autoimmune diseases , cerebral palsy etc.

Retinal conditions like: Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), RP, diabetic retinopathy, AMD etc


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Adult Stem cells research over the decade have increased with significant research teams and labs being established across India emphasizing on the adult stem cells in the development of novel cellular therapies. Adult stem cell’s ability to differentiate into cell lineages and interests by the researchers has undoubtedly accelerated the scientific research in defining the principles of these stem cells in tissue regeneration, repair and changing the life style of patients with various clinical conditions. This Article focuses on Mesenchymal stem cells or multipotent stromal cells role, current advancement in MSc’s research and Stem cell labs across India.

Mesenchymal stromal cells are currently considered having a huge potential in tissue regeneration, repair and their role in Spinal ...

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