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Wuhan Metro Line 2 MCC system


Industry Background: the first phase of the wuhan metro line 2 project line by the Evergreen Garden Machi Road from the north, to the terminal end of Luxiang Plaza Optics Valley, across the board are underground lines, length of 27.985 km, a total station 21, the maximum distance between stations 3360 meters, Zhongshan Road station to peace Avenue station interval; minimum station spacing 800 m, Wuchang District Government station to little Turtle station interval, the average station spacing of 1376 meters. Wuhan Metro Line as currently the most advanced metro lines, with a number of domestic first, connecting the three major economic circles in Wuhan, Wuhan has become the main artery of the city.


Technology Applications: To meet the modern needs of subway and light rail operations, and enhance the resilience of all types of emergencies and disaster resilience, covering substation automation. Mechanical and electrical equipment monitoring, fire alarm, communications signals, etc. modern urban rail transit integrated automation system role is pivotal. According to fire control equipment General technical conditions of the relevant provisions, BAS system to undertake a number of fire control functions including start exhaust fan control escalator, cutting non-fire power to start the emergency lighting and emergency-oriented instructions, etc., and to achieve these features, low voltage electrical intelligent is very important. For a long time, the domestic low-voltage circuit thermal relay to protect low-voltage motors, because the principle of defects, making the motor thermal relay difficult to simulate the characteristics of intelligent heating control security devices with low voltage digital method to establish motor heating model, from the principle solve the problem of low voltage motor thermal protection.


    As the country's the most advanced subway lines, Wuhan Metro Line MCC system uses the most advanced dual interlock technology, through soft and hard interlock interlock ensures the safety of fans and dampers, and fully Schneider controller , motor circuit set intelligent motor protector, using Quantum PLC to focus on the fan, air valve for electrical control.


User feedback: WuHan metro line 2 MCC control system safe and stable operation since opening, has been the affirmation of the WuHan metro group.